How to Compost Using Office Shreddings


When you collect a large amount of paper refuse, you may begin looking for creative ways to recycle this paper. Gardeners who make compost have an ideal way of using paper refuse when they shred the paper and compost it. Because the fine strands of paper will decompose quickly when you add them to compost, they will add beneficial carbon along with any other “brown” ingredients you might add. Compost using office shreddings for a useful and effective means of recycling and composting.

Step 1

Shred the office paper in the paper shredder whenever you have papers to shred. Set the shredder to shred the paper as finely as possible. Collect the shredded paper in a plastic bin until you have enough to add to the compost bin.

Step 2

Add green and brown layers to the compost bin alternately. Every time you add a layer of green materials (food scraps, grass clippings and coffee grounds), cover this green layer with a layer of brown materials. Strive for at least 3 inches of brown materials over a green layer to cover the green layer thoroughly. Use shredded paper to make up the brown layer, combining the paper with other brown materials, such as leaves and sawdust.

Step 3

Water the top of the compost bin lightly with the garden hose to saturate the compost contents. Keeping the compost ingredients moist will increase the rate at which the ingredients decompose.

Step 4

Cover the compost bin. If your compost bin rotates, rotate it two or three turns.

Step 5

Continue adding both green and brown layers alternately to create your compost and use your ingredients.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper shredder
  • Plastic bin
  • Compost bin
  • Garden hose


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