How to Make a Real Fruit Centerpiece


Making your own centerpieces at home is less expensive than buying them at a store and allows you to use any type of item to create a masterpiece. Real fruit, sugar and a little imagination are all you need to create a real fruit centerpiece that will add elegance to any occasion. Use for wedding receptions, anniversary parties or to decorate for an intimate dinner party.

Step 1

Place one egg white in a bowl and beat until frothy; set aside. In a pie plate, sprinkle about 1 cup of finely granulated white sugar. Finely granulated sugar works best, but you can use regular granulated sugar.

Step 2

Select fresh fruit such as plums and grapes, both green and purple. You can use any firm fruit.

Step 3

Brush one piece of fruit at a time with the beaten egg whites. Immediately roll or sprinkle the sugar over the coated fruit. Place the sugar-coated fruit on a plate until all of the fruit has been coated.

Step 4

Arrange glossy green leaves on the top of a footed cake plate. Allow the tips to hang over the plate slightly.

Step 5

Lay the sugar-coated fruit on top of the leaves on the plate. Start with the larger fruit on the bottom and add the more delicate fruit, such as grapes, last.

Tips and Warnings

  • Do not eat the fruit after it has been coated with egg whites.

Things You'll Need

  • Egg whites
  • Bowl
  • Fruit
  • Pastry brush
  • Fine granulated white sugar
  • Footed cake plate
  • Leaves


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