Metal Containers for Flowers

Metal objects make ideal containers for flowers. Whether flowers are cut or planted, metal containers can add interest to your flower arrangement. No matter what type of container you choose, make sure it is cleaned before use. If using a metal container for cut flowers, be aware that metal containers decrease the effectiveness of the preservatives used to prolong bloom life.

Watering Cans

For the garden, porch or outdoor table centerpiece, metal watering cans work as good containers for flowers. They create a country feel and blend in with other garden implements. In addition, metal watering cans come in a variety of sizes, so they will work for small or large potted arrangements.


Metal tubs make nostalgic outdoor planters. Tubs range in size from washtubs to bathtubs. These items create interest in the landscape whether placed in groupings or alone. A metal tub of planted annuals will break up the monotony of a front lawn. Because metal tubs are large, a wide variety of plants can be accommodated in these containers.

Metal Buckets

Metal buckets are popular plant containers. Buckets can be used for compact cut flower arrangements. Most often the stems of these flowers do not show above the top of the bucket. In addition, a glass or plastic container can fit inside of the bucket to keep the flower preservative from reacting to the metal. Outdoors, groups of planted metal buckets of varying sizes create interest in a container garden.

Cast Iron Kettles

Cast iron kettles make nice outdoor planting containers. Often these kettles hang from a metal or wood frame or they sit on the ground or a pedestal. Cast iron kettles come in a range of sizes, but most accommodate plantings similar to those in commercially available hanging baskets.

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