Handmade Garden Craft Ideas

Adding handmade craft work to a garden is almost as satisfying as watching the garden grow. And when you’re the artist, you can choose projects that fit with your garden’s style and size--as well as your crafting skills. Sometimes, it is as easy as finding a new way to display items you already have on hand.

Bird Feeder

Make a bird feeder for your garden that features a garden-grown item, a gourd. Soften a fully dried gourd by soaking it in warm water for about an hour. Then cut a hole of the desired shape and size on the side of the gourd, starting about half way from the bottom. Remove the dried seeds and pulp. Sand the inside of the gourd. Then stain or paint it as desired to create a garden accent piece that the birds too can enjoy. Carefully poke a piece of wire in at the top for hanging the bird feeder, fill it with bird seed, and hang it from a planter post hook.

Whimsical Insect

Fashion a bumblebee, dragonfly or the insect of your choice from a re-purposed piece of copper tubing. Just use your imagination as you bend a long hollow piece of copper tubing to create the spirals and loops you need until it resembles the bug you want. Spray the finished sculpture with spray paint if you like, or leave it the natural copper color.

Stepping Stones

Make your own stepping stones from cement. Use disposable deep dish pie tins or flower pot saucers as the molds. Mix up the cement according to package directions and scoop wet cement into each mold, tap the side of the mold to get rid of air pockets, and smooth the surface with the help of a cement trowel. If you have children, you may want to capture the hand print of each one in a stepping stone. Cover the child’s hand with petroleum jelly, have her press it into the cement and lift away carefully.

Colorful Balls

Decorate your garden with those bowling balls sitting in the back of the closet, or collect some from thrift stores or garage sales. You can paint them with your own unique designs or, if you like their appearance, keep them as is. Insert rebar of various heights in your garden where you want to display your colorful balls. Just put the ball on the rebar so it sticks into one of the finger holes. This is a quick and simple way to add striking spots of color to your garden.

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