Handmade Sunflower Card Ideas

Sunflowers with their cheery faces are appropriate for almost any occasion card. Send one to congratulate someone on a new job, as a birth announcement, for a birthday or anniversary or just to tell someone you're thinking of him. Creating a card takes more time than selecting one from the card rack at the stationery stores but the recipient will know you care. Draw or paint the sunflowers, use the pressed petals, or create mini sunflowers from other yellow flowers.

Picture Frame

Create a frame with pressed sunflower petals arranged in a circle with the tips pointing outward. Overlap the circles. Place brown dots in the center of the circle to resemble sunflower seeds. Paste a photo inside the frame on top of the "seeds." Another idea is to press small yellow flowers that look like daises. After the flowers are completely dry, paint the centers of the flowers dark brown to resemble sunflowers or paste the flower to the card and then glue a dark brown button in the center of the flowers. Draw a painter's easel stand on the card. Create a double frame of the miniature sunflowers inside the stand. Glue a photo in the middle of the frame.

Tissue Paper Collage

Create a sunflower on the front of the card by tearing pieces of yellow, gold and orange tissue paper in the shape of sunflower petals. Arrange the petals and glue in place. Overlap the petals to give a three-dimensional effect and depth to the flower. Tear out small circles of brown tissue paper and arrange them in concentric circles for the seeds in the middle of the sunflower. You may cut the petals from the tissue paper and then layer them to give a more formal look than tearing.

Pressed Sunflowers

Most sunflowers are much too large and heavy to be pressed. The seeds, even if not ripe, will interfere with the flower press. However, there are dwarf sunflowers that are only 4 inches across and don't produce large, heavy seeds. You will have to cut the stem off the back of the flower as close as possible. After the flower has dried, use one or more on the card. A cute idea is to cut the card in the shape of sunflower with the hinge at the top or side and then glue the pressed sunflower onto the front of the card.

Make the Cardstock

Obtain a paper making kit. In the mix, right before putting it in the paper press/mold, add dried sunflower petals scattered across the surface. Let the paper dry and then use it for the card. The petals will give the paper a rough texture and the yellow of the petals will show through.

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