Homemade Spring Wreath Ideas

Spring is a welcome relief to gardeners who have been stuck inside during the cold winter months with not much to do but peruse plant catalogs and dream about new garden plans. Jump start the spring season while it's still a bit nippy outside by creating a homemade spring wreath. If your garden isn't in blooming mode yet, obtain the plants from nurseries, the floral department of the grocery store or use silk flowers.

Eggshell Wreath

Eggshells are delicate but make the perfect size holder for tiny plants that are just beginning to flower. Save the egg shells from eggs you've broken that have one half larger than the other. Save the larger half. Fill the egg halves with spring flowers like pansies, lobelia or small spring bulbs like crocus or miniature daffodils. Place the filled eggs in votive candle holders. Form the holders into a wreath around a ceramic bunny, chick or duckling. Tuck sphagnum moss around the holders or if it's Easter time use Easter basket grass filler.

Bundt Pan

A bundt pan is the shape of a wreath. Some are made of copper and make a decorative wreath form without any other fussing. Pack the pan with floral foam. Poke stems of ivy, asparagus fern and lemon leaves around the outside rim. Add a circle of mini carnations in yellow and pink next to the greenery. Finish with an inside circle of larger spring flowers such as roses, tulips, daffodils, lilac and stock. Keep all stems short.

Floral Wreath

Create a wreath that shouts "spring is here" using a grapevine wreath as the base. Wrap the wreath with wire-edged ribbon in yellow, ending in a big fluffy bow. Fill in with dried white baby's breath, roses and annual statice in pinks, purples and blue. Add a bird's nest nestled into the bow made of sphagnum moss and a few artificial bird's eggs. Turn the grapevine wreath into a living floral wreath. Wire 3-inch diameter terracotta pots onto the wreath so the openings are all pointing up. Fill. Wrap the wreath with raffia and tie a bow. Plant the pots with pansies, alyssum, lobelia from six-packs of plants from the nursery.

Spring Gift

Create a wreath that is also a gift for someone who loves to garden. The wreath decorates her front door and then later is taken apart to use in the garden. Use a grapevine wreath as the base. Attach gardening gloves, hand shovel and hand cultivator by tying them on with raffia. Hot glue small terracotta pots filled with dried flowers to the wreath. Finish it with packages of flower seeds such as stock, nasturtiums and snapdragons.

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