Directions for Making a Wreath


Wreaths are popular for hanging on the front door to welcome guests. Larger wreaths are decorations for hanging over the fireplace or brightening up any wall in the home. They are always a popular holiday decoration and can be made from almost anything. For a very original floral wreath, try one made from living plants and flowers. Making this type of wreath can take up to a month; however, home-made wreaths are more rewarding and often less expensive than purchasing one from the store.

Step 1

Soak enough Spanish moss to fill the ring. Place it in a dishpan filled with 4 to 6-inches of room temperature water. Amount of moss will depend on the size wreath you are making.

Step 2

Fill the ring with half of the moss. Place a layer of potting soil over the moss layer, then the other half of the moss. Pack it all in tightly and don’t be concerned if all of the potting soil is not staying perfectly in the ring.

Step 3

Cut small holes in the top layer of the moss and insert the roots of the plants. The plants should be spaced so they will have some room to grow. You will still be able to see the wire ring until the plants fill it in.

Step 4

Water the wreath and keep in bright sunlight based on the needs of the plants that you put in the wreath. In about a month, hang the wreath on your door. Water the wreath to keep the moss moist. The wreath will last as long as the plants you have planted live.

Step 5

Bring the wreath in and hang in a brightly lit window if the weather gets too cold for your plants outdoors.

Things You'll Need

  • Small flower plants
  • Small foliage plants
  • Topiary wire ring (size that you want your wreath)
  • Piece of plywood large enough to hold the ring
  • Spanish moss
  • Dish pan with 4 to 6-inches of water
  • Potting soil
  • Scissors


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