How to Make a Mod Podge Caramel Apple Craft


Mod Podge is an all-in-one glue. It is used in craft projects to glue, seal and finish the craft. It can be used successfully on almost any type of surface including fabric, plastic, and glass. It even dries clear. You can use Mod Podge to make a few Halloween crafts. One craft that can be performed in a classroom full of children is a Mod Podge caramel apple. The apple will look so good, your students will want to eat it.

Step 1

Lay a few sheets of newspaper over your desk. This will protect the desk from getting glue or paint on it.

Step 2

Set your fake apple on the desk and push your craft stick 1 inch through the top middle of the apple. Real caramel apples have sticks coming out of them so kids can hold on to the stick while the eat the apple.

Step 3

Pour 1/4 cup of Mod Podge in a polystyrene cup.

Step 4

Add 2 tbsp. of brown paint to the Mod Podge and mix them together with your paint brush. This will create the color of caramel.

Step 5

Paint the brown Mod Podge all over your fake apple.

Step 6

Sprinkle chopped peanuts over the bottom three-quarters of the fake apple to resemble a real caramel apple.

Step 7

Set your Mod Podge caramel apple on a sheet of wax paper to dry overnight.

Tips and Warnings

  • This caramel apple is not edible.

Things You'll Need

  • Newspapers
  • Fake apple
  • Craft stick
  • Mod Podge
  • Brown paint
  • Polystyrene cup
  • Paint brush
  • Finely chopped nuts
  • Wax paper


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  • Ben Franklin Crafts and Frame Shop: Caramel Apple
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