How to Kill Wild Blackberry


Wild blackberries can quickly take over a garden, pasture or fence line. Considered a bramble and a perennial weed, wild blackberries can transmit diseases to domestic brambles grown in a garden setting. One of the most effective ways to remove brambles is through the use of a chemical herbicide. According to the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station, the best time to spray wild blackberries is in late summer.

Step 1

Purchase a chemical herbicide for usage on brambles. The New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station recommends the use of Roundup as a spot treatment for brambles.

Step 2

Put on gloves, eye protection and clothing that covers the arms and legs.

Step 3

Spray the brambles using care to avoid the surrounding grass. Roundup is a non-selective herbicide, which means it will kill any plant it lands on. The ideal day for spraying features little wind and no chance of rain.

Step 4

Remove the blackberry canes by bush hogging or cutting by hand.

Tips and Warnings

  • Follow all manufacturer directions when applying any chemical herbicide.

Things You'll Need

  • Chemical herbicide
  • Gloves and protective clothing
  • Chemical sprayer


  • New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station
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