How to Water Plants With Saltwater


Saltwater is not the ideal water to irrigate your plants with since salt hinders the uptake of water by the roots. Even though many plants can tolerate salt spray and the accumulation of salts from tap water, they will not thrive long if you water them with saltwater. However, if your well water or tap water is high in salt content or you must use salt water on occasion to water your plants, keep several things in mind to help your plants continue to grow well.

Step 1

Water plants near the bases rather than from overhead. Salt can accumulate on the foliage over time, causing the leaves on most plants to brown and die.

Step 2

Transplant container plants to pots with drainage holes, if necessary. Then water until the water comes out the bottom. Dump any extra water that accumulates in the drainage dish.

Step 3

Flush accumulated salt in the soil by soaking the soil with 2 to 4 inches of regular or bottled water about once a month. For container plants, flush them in a sink or outdoors by watering them for about 30 to 60 seconds, letting the water freely run out the drainage holes.


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