What Are the Benefits of a Compost Bin?

Composting is not only a trendy way to go green, it is beneficial to your garden. These benefits have only increased more over the years as research exposes more information about composting and the environment. A composting bin not only helps out your landscape, it also saves money in the long run, and substantially improves soil structure. Whether you decide to have a small plastic compost bin in the corner or a large wooden composting bin, deciding to compost at all will have a positive effect on your little corner of the Earth.

Cuts Costs

Having a composting bin helps reduce costs on your landscape and within your household. While being environmentally friendly, it cuts costs for waste removal because your yard trash and debris, as well as kitchen scraps, go to the compost bin, rather than the trash bin. Gardening costs are reduced in the spring because you have a ready supply of nutrient-rich compost with which to prepare your vegetable bed, instead of having to purchase it by the bag at your local garden center.

Improves Soil Structure

When you use compost it significantly improves the structure of the soil. Compost improves porosity, increases gas and water permeability, and resists compaction when added to the soil. It immediately impacts the soil and provides a long-term benefit as well. Whether the soil is coarse, loamy, sandy or dry, compost improves it because of its humus content, a consistent residue from the decay of organic matter. A compost bin also provides the option to reduce on watering because it increases water retention, making the soil more drought resistant.

Controls Erosion and Weeds

Compost bins give you benefit of controlling soil erosion with coarse compost. For example, in Europe fine compost has been mixed with water and sprayed onto slopes to control erosion, according to online environmental resource Earth 911. Weeds are also controlled with younger compost that isn't fully developed because it acts as a mild herbicide since it contains phytotoxins.

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