How to Extend Handle Hedge Shears


Stop wishing your hedge shears were just a tad bit, or even several inches, longer. You can buy extendable handle hedge shears online and at garden supply centers. Then, you can freely extend the handles as needed so you can avoid the ladder, end the stretching and save yourself some time and awkwardness. Extendable handle hedge shears, according to Washington State University, can make pruning more comfortable for those gardeners who have difficulty standing up and have to sit while pruning. Because extendable handle hedge shears differ, always read the manufacturer's directions first.

Step 1

Decide how long to extend the hedge shears. You should be able to comfortably reach what you are pruning. If you are on a ladder, make them long enough so you do not have to lean over.

Step 2

Lengthen both handles to the same amount. Do not extend them past the maximum recommended length, even if its possible. It may not tighten as well or be as safe at that length.

Step 3

Extend the handles. Generally, twist the handles counterclockwise at the point where they extend (usually close to the blades), pull them out and retighten the handles. Some shears have lock pins where you push down a lever to release the pins, pull out the handles to another pin hole and then reinsert the pins into the holes to secure.


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