How to Remove Landscape Timbers


Landscape timbers are a quick way to build stairs, raised beds and terraces in a landscape. But if you are changing your landscape, eliminating a potential source of termites or replacing rotten timbers, you must be able to remove the existing landscape timber. Fortunately, removing landscape timbers is as simple as installing them in your yard or garden.

Step 1

Slip a crowbar between the cracks located in between the first and second row of landscaping timbers in your project and pry upward. This will loosen the spikes that are holding the timbers in place.

Step 2

Slip the forked end of a nail puller around the head of the spike and let the nail puller’s head rest against the spike. Tilt the nail puller away from the spike and toward the top surface of the landscaping timber to pry up the landscaping spike.

Step 3

Repeat the process with the spike at the other end of the landscaping timber.

Step 4

Lift the timber away from the raised bed. Continue to lift and move landscaping timbers until all timbers have been removed from your landscape.

Things You'll Need

  • Crow bar
  • Nail puller


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Who Can Help

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