How to Make Luau Centerpieces


Luaus are enjoyable any time of year, but especially so in the summer. Your guests will enjoy the balmy breezes around the pool while they hula their way over to the lushly-decorated buffet. Flowers and fruits all say luau. If you're really ambitious, serve a whole roast pig and make that the centerpiece. If that's a bit too much for you, construct a pineapple palm tree, surrounded by colorful tropical fruits and flowers instead.

Step 1

Turn the screw through the middle of the flat piece of wood so it pierces the wood and is sticking up the top side. Sink the head of the screw below the wood on the underneath side so the wood is level. Screw the dowel to the flat piece of wood by turning it on the screw. You may have to hold the screw steady with a screwdriver while you turn the dowel with your other hand. Or use the drill to screw the screw through the board and into the dowel all at the same time. You will most likely to have to have a friend hold the dowel for you as you drill.

Step 2

Cover the wood with aluminum foil. Put the wood base for the pineapple palm tree in its final position on the table.

Step 3

Cut off the bottoms and tops of the pineapples. Core the pineapples. Thread the pineapples onto the wooden dowel, stacking them to make the trunk of the palm tree. Place the artificial fern on top of the top pineapple, slipping the stems in the core hole.

Step 4

Place doilies over the aluminum foil. Place bouquets of tropical flowers at the edge of the wood base on either side of the pineapple palm. Besides providing color, this weighs the base so it won't topple over.

Step 5

Put a whole small watermelon in between the vases of flower and the pineapple palm. Cut another small watermelon in half and put the half in front of the pineapple palm. Pile up mangos, kiwis, coconuts, bananas and other tropical fruits in front. Place flowers in floral picks and tuck them in among the fruits. Orchids are definitely luau material, but any bright big flowers will work.

Step 6

Surround the centerpiece with fruit that has been peeled and cut up in chunks. Stick toothpicks in some of the fruit so guests get the idea they're supposed to eat them. Add container of toothpicks to one side of the fruit. The more abundant the fruit display, the more luxurious the centerpiece will look.

Tips and Warnings

  • Always use sharp knifes.

Things You'll Need

  • Screws
  • Flat piece of wood 12 inches by 24 inches
  • Screwdriver or drill
  • Wooden dowel no more than 1-inch in diameter
  • Aluminum foil
  • Paper lace doilies
  • 3 pineapples
  • Artificial fern
  • Fruits
  • Flowers


  • Bridella: Pineapple Palm Tree Tropical Fruit Display Kits
  • Chef Mike: Pineapple Palm Tree
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