Terrace House Garden Ideas

Add height, color and dimension to a terrace house garden by creating a colorful design with favorite shrubs and plants. Many flowers planted along sloped land like a terrace, help to prevent erosion while providing color and vibrancy to the garden. Adding a meandering pathway alongside the terrace helps to connect areas of the garden together and provide a spot for resting while gardening.

Garden Staircase

Connect areas of the home together, such as a sunken patio to a perennial flowerbed, by creating a garden staircase. Made from a wide range of weather-resistant and long-lasting materials including flagstone, brick, slate and pebbles, terrace staircases help to draw you into the garden and create a focal point to the home and landscape. Slate makes an ideal stone to use to create the staircase because of its flat shape and stacking ability. The rich grays, deep blues and dramatic purples found in slate help to create an impressive staircase. To build an average-sized staircase, make sure the path is at least 3 feet wide. This is an ideal strolling path size to build to admire the garden and allow for easy access of gardening equipment.

Evergreen Plants

Evergreen shrubs and ground covers help to provide year-round height, texture and vibrant color to the terrace house and garden. As an evergreen, they retain their foliage all year long to keep the terrace in color during winter, creating warmth to the home and garden. Evergreen ground covers such as cotoneaster and euphorbia provide coverage to low areas of the garden and fill in hard-to-reach spaces. Terrace gardens often have a gradual slope along a hillside, creating the ideal spot for creeping vines like ivy and thyme. Evergreen shrubs like boxwoods, arborvitae, hollies and cedars bring height to the terrace and home and look attractive flanking a garden bed or entrance to the terrace.

Water Feature

Watch water trickle around the terrace and provide overspray to surrounding plants and flowers. The cascading noise of water features provides a relaxing feel to the garden. Made in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colors, container fountains are an ideal variety to incorporate into the space. They don’t take up a lot of space yet provide a huge design impact. They are attractive nestled directly within a flowerbed. Alongside the feature, plant water-loving plants like ferns and hostas to create a jungly feel to the home. Wild ginger and watercress both enjoy the sprinkle of water from the feature and help to define the space and accent the terrace.

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