How to Use a Clock for a Centerpiece


After selecting the menu, choosing a centerpiece can be the most enjoyable and creative part of hosting a dinner party. The centerpiece can say a lot about the host or hostess. Most gardeners use the opportunity to show off the beauties in their garden. But if your guests have seen the same bowl of fruit or vase of flowers time and again, try something different. Accent your centerpiece with a focal point like a decorative clock. You can still showcase all of your hard work in the garden, and this added visual interest is sure to be a conversation starter.

Step 1

Choose an appropriate mantle or table clock. Find one short enough so that you don't obscure your guests' views and one that's narrow enough to allow ample room for your spread. Also think about choosing a clock that has visual interest on all sides. Keep in mind that some of your guests will spend the evening staring at the back of it.

Step 2

Place the clock in the center of the table. Use double-sided adhesive tape to fasten the clock's feet to the table or tablecloth. If the clock is accidentally toppled over, it could take out a few dishes with it.

Step 3

Wash any fruits and vegetables that you harvest before you place them on the table to complement your clock centerpiece. The fruits and vegetables may harbor mall insects that can crawl out while your guests are enjoying their dinner. Plus, your guests may want to eat a few for dessert.

Step 4

Arrange fruits, vegetables or flowers around the base of the clock. One option is to arrange them in a cascading stacked pile that surrounds the clock and is highest directly adjacent to it. You can also arrange large flower heads in a circle around the clock. Another option for clocks with little visual interest is to flank the clock on its sides and back with small vases filled with flowers or fruit.

Things You'll Need

  • Double-sided tape
  • Flowers
  • Fruit
  • Vegetables


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