Varieties of Ceramic Pots

Ceramic pots come in varying sizes, shapes and colors that fit every garden landscape. You can use them to create relaxing water features or as a landscape focal point. Ceramic pots for indoor use call attention to favorite plants. They offer a mode of creative expression in small spaces and they provide you with a way to grow flowers and vegetables on decks and porches.

Water Fountain Pots

A brightly glazed ceramic pot makes a good water fountain to use at the entrance of your house or as a backyard focal point. You can buy water fountain pumps at many garden centers and nurseries that specialize in water plants. Choose a pot without a drainage hole and place the fountain near an electrical outlet. You can create a water fountain that sits upright or on an angle with the water stream going into an area of smooth stones.

Indoor Pots

Drainage is the most important consideration when choosing a ceramic pot as an indoor container. Plants do not grow well when roots are water-logged. Ceramic pots retain water more easily than terracotta pots. Rocks and broken crockery placed in the bottom of a ceramic pot creates drainage space. Most ceramic pots with a drainage hole come with a matching saucer to catch and hold water overflow. A large pot filled with soil is heavy but you can easily move it with a container dolly.

Landscape Pots

Formal garden designers often use large ceramic pots to draw attention to an architectural feature or to create a boundary. Achieve a romantic look by using plants that drape and trail over the side of a ceramic pot that you've set on a pedestal. It's easy to create an English garden look by using container roses. In casual home gardens, a piece of ceramic pottery placed on a bench or table helps express the creative individuality of the homeowner.

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