How to Cook With Your Honeycrisp Apples


Cook with Honeycrisp apples to create a deliciously bubbling apple crisp for dessert or spiced apples as a sweet accompaniment to a juicy pork roast. Honeycrisp apples have a bright red and pale green skin with a sweet, crisp and tart flavor. This apple stores very well and can be refrigerated in the humidifier compartment of the refrigerator for up to eight months.

Step 1

Select firm, unblemished Honeycrisp apples, especially between August and mid-October, when they are at the peak of ripeness.

Step 2

Wash the apples thoroughly with clean water while vigorously rubbing them with your hands. Dry with a clean towel. Peel the apples before cooking them, as the skin becomes tough and unsavory when cooked.

Step 3

Prevent oxidation, which causes apples to turn brown, if you use the Honeycrisps for fresh apple snack slices, salads or desserts. Use approximately 1/4 cup lemon juice to 1 quart of cold water to immerse the apples. Do not over-soak the apples. Drain and pat them dry before using.

Step 4

Freeze Honeycrisp apples for cooking into pies, cobblers or other cooked apple recipes when they are at their peak of freshness. Slice them, lay them out on a cookie sheet to freeze, and then place the sliced frozen apples in freezer bags to keep in the freezer until needed for use. Thaw the frozen apples before cooking. Frozen apples maintain better texture and flavor when they are packed in sugar or sugar syrup before freezing.

Step 5

Cook soups and applesauce by pureeing the apples, after peeling them, in a blender and according to your favorite recipe.

Step 6

Blend the apples very finely, puree them and press them to make apple cider, according to your favorite recipe.

Tips and Warnings

  • Be careful handling apples, to avoid bruising them. Never store apples next to vegetables with strong odors because it may affect the flavor of the apple. Apples emit a gas which will ripen foods such as kiwi, bananas and other fruits that ripen quickly.


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