How to Plant a Moonglo Pear Tree


Pear trees (Pyrus communis) are fruit producing deciduous trees that are originally from Eurasia. The moonglow pear tree is an Oriental hybrid variety that is hardy in USDA Zones 5 through 9. It produces fruit that resembles the shape and size of a Bartlett pear but generally ripens about 2 weeks before Bartlett pears ripen, from August through September. Moonglow pears are good for eating fresh, or for use in canning or cooking. You can plant moonglow pear trees in spring, as soon as the soil is soft enough to work.

Step 1

Purchase a dormant moonglow pear tree. Choose a tree that is less than 2 years old and is between 2 and 4 feet tall. The trunk should be no less than 1/2 inch in diameter. Avoid buying larger sized trees since they can suffer root damage when they are dug up at the nursery.

Step 2

Locate a good planting site for the moonglow pear tree. The best site will provide full sunlight all day long, as suggested by William Lord, Extension Fruit Specialist with the University of New Hampshire.

Step 3

Perform a soil test on the soil in the planting site to determine its pH. Moonglow pear trees need a pH of 6.5. Contact your local agricultural extension office to inquire about having a soil test performed. Once you have the results of the test, you may need to incorporate lime into the soil to raise the pH to the proper level. The results of the test will indicate how much lime, if any, you will need to use.

Step 4

Eradicate all weeds and their roots from the area you have selected for planting the moonglow pear tree. You can accomplish this using a garden hoe or a rototiller if you have one.

Step 5

Pour water into a 5-gallon bucket until it's about 2/3 full. If you are planting bare-root stock, set the moonglow pear tree into the bucket to soak for about 1 hour prior to planting. If you are planting a ball and burlap tree, sever the tie from around the tree trunk that secures the material encasing the root-ball.

Step 6

Dig a planting hole three times the diameter of the root-ball, and about the same depth, if planting a ball and burlap pear tree. For bare-root stock, dig a planting hole twice the width of the root system and no deeper.

Step 7

Set the moonglow pear tree down into the planting hole. Check to see where the bud union is located on the tree. This is indicated by a bulge at the base of the tree trunk where the trunk meets the root-ball. Keep the bud union about 2 to 3 inches above the surrounding top soil. Once you are sure the tree is sitting at the right height in the hole, scoop in a few shovels full of soil to secure the pear tree in place.

Step 8

Backfill the planting hole with soil until it is about 2/3 full. Use your foot to pack the soil down firmly over the root-ball. Fill the hole with water. Once all the water has settled back, fill the hole full of soil. Use a rake to level and smooth out the soil.

Things You'll Need

  • Moonglow pear tree
  • Garden hoe
  • 5-gallon bucket
  • Scissors
  • Shovel


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Who Can Help

  • United States National Arboretum: Planting Zones
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