White Hydrangea Centerpieces


Snow-white fresh, dry or silk hydrangea blossoms add an elegant look to any party table, sideboard or entry way display. The Pee Gee, Mme. E. Mouillere, Annabelle and Oak Leaf hydrangea have natural white blossoms. Hydrangea blooms command special attention when arranged in a stunning centerpiece.


The hydrangea is a thirsty plant. The woody branches of the hydrangea bush must be cut or crushed to enable the blossoms to stay hydrated in a centerpiece. Cut the branches from the bush at a point where it grows out from a main branch. A grower or gardener should plunge the branches of the hydrangea bush directly into a pail of water when harvesting them for a floral arrangement.The floral designer will cut straight up into the branch or twig with a heavy-duty pruning tool to open the thick stem. The florist may use a hammer or mallet to pound the stems and bark open.


The hydrangea's large flowers give a lacy appearance to any arrangement. Round glass bowls, vases and simple containers allow the flower to be featured. Up-cycled bottles and cans are interesting centerpiece containers for hydrangea blooms. Ceramic pitchers, wreath rings and floral foam heart shapes will hold a long-lasting hydrangea centerpiece placed on an end table, sideboard or banquet table.

The Blossoms

Hydrangea florets are a combination of four petals. The ball-shaped mass of florets are used in tall vases or low containers. One branch or twig of blossoms will fill in a centerpiece. Hydrangeas grow in a mop-head shape which resembles a large pom pom, or lace cap that is a series of round, flat flower heads. The large blossoms are used alone, or with a mixture of roses, gerbera daisies, iris and lilies.


A white hydrangea centerpiece will last up to two weeks. The ends of the stems can be cut off and replaced in the arrangement foam or container—the new cut will rehydrate the branch or twig if the blossoms start to wilt. Hydrangeas can be inserted into wet or dry floral foam in containers, rings or heart shapes, and pieces of the hydrangea flower head can be snipped off to be placed into small centerpieces.


Hydrangea branches and blossoms are arranged into topiary displays for an impressive effect at a wedding or gala event. The large blossoms are a perfect, crisp white background for any flower. The massive flowers fill in large areas in a centerpiece, with the blooms encircling the bases of two-tier arrangements. Shapes with fresh hydrangeas are set out on mirrors or trays on dinner tables, with a candle set up in the center. A hydrangea-filled ring can later be used as a dried wreath to be hung on a wall or door.

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