Hybrid Species of Plants

A hybrid species of a plant is one that has been cross-bred with another plant, resulting in a species that is genetically part one species and part of another. Sometimes hybrids are crossed with hybrids. In many cases, the resulting hybridized species is much stronger than the "true" species, according to Wessel's Living History Farm website. Many popular garden plants are actually hybrid species, developed by man to be hardier, tastier, or more beautiful than the original.

Hybrid Tomatoes

Tomatoes are cross-bred to develop a resistance to common tomato diseases such as fusarium or verticillium rot. They are also cultivated for size. The newest hybrids have a better, more symmetrical shape than the older versions, according to the University of Illinois. Two popular hybrid species of tomato plants are "Supersteak" and "Beefmaster," both of which feature enormous fruit that can weigh up to 2 pounds each.

Hybrid Tea Roses

Hybrid tea roses are extremely popular with home gardeners. These are roses that have been bred and in-bred many times to create large, heavy blooms on long stems. The perfect form of the blooms has come at a price, according to the University of Illinois, as many have lost their fragrance, and some are susceptible to diseases. Rosa "Americana," Rosa "Candy Stripe" and Rosa "Hawaii" are among the most popular of the thousands of hybrid tea roses.

Hybrid Fruit Trees

Many fruit trees are hybridized to develop stronger, tastier fruit. Apples and lemons are two commonly hybridized fruits. "Jonagold" apples, which are a hybrid of "Jonathan" and "Golden Delicious" are a commercially valuable fruit, as is the "Empire" variety, which is a hybrid of "McIntosh" and "Delicious." The "Meyer" lemon is possibly the most popular hybrid citrus tree, according to Purdue University. This plant, which is a cross between a lemon and mandarin, is extremely hardy and attractive. It is often grown as a container plant, whether as a patio specimen or an indoor plant. "Meyer" lemon trees are prolific bloomers that produce small, tender, slightly sweet fruit.

Hybrid Lilies

Hybrid lilies are extremely durable and very popular among home gardeners, according to Iowa State University. Often simply called "Asiatic" lilies, these plants come in a wide range of styles and colors from pastels to bright jewel tones. Some are striped, while others have dotted petals. These lilies grow from 1 to 5 feet tall and spread rapidly. They do not, however, have a strong fragrance like other true species of lilies do. Popular hybrid lilies include the bright-orange "Enchantment," the dark-pink "LaToya" and the large, creamy-white "Luxor."

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