How to Create Grapevine Wreaths


Grapevine wreaths are a beautiful decoration for your home and add a bit of country charm. However, they are not cheap. If you would like some of this type of decor in your home, but are not willing to pay the price, you can make it yourself with a few supplies. Of course, the vines at the craft store can be somewhat costly, although nowhere near as much as the finished product, so if you have vines growing near your home, you might try using them instead.

Step 1

Start on the thick end of the grapevine and wrap it in a circle two or three times. Hold the end and vine with one hand so that it doesn't unwrap.

Step 2

Wrap the vine around the hoop you have formed by going inside the opening and pulling the vine through and back around. Go around the entire loop.

Step 3

Weave the vine into the loop of vines that are forming the wreath and pull it out. Keep doing this all the way around the loop. If you run out of vine and need to start a new one, simply push the vine into the wreath to hold it in place and start weaving it in and out.

Step 4

Hold vines in place with wire if the ends won't stay in place.

Things You'll Need

  • Grapevine
  • Wire


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