Art Activities or Objects to Make From Pine Cones

Pine cones of all shapes and sizes can be found anywhere there's pine trees. Many people simply walk past them without considering that they are useful for craft and art activities. Try a variety of pine cone craft projects to use for fall and winter holiday decorating.

Christmas Trees

Pine cones are already the shape of a Christmas tree, so it's easy to create a miniature version of the holiday staple. Glue cotton balls to the base of the pine cone; this makes it more stable when you stand it on its end. You can decorate the tree in a variety of different ways. Beads strung on dental floss are a good substitute for lights, and the addition of glitter or sequins can look like decorations. Be creative with the top of the tree--with a visit to a craft store, you can find all sorts of miniature animals, angels, stars or bows to top the pine cone with.

Bird Feeder

Making a bird feeder is a craft that keeps on giving. Stringing the final product outside will attract area birds, and give them a snack at any time of the year. Start with a large pine cone, and tie a string to the top to give yourself something to hang it with. Loop strings over some of the spikes of the pine cones, and tie pretzels to them. Cover the cone in peanut butter, then roll the pine cone in birdseed to coat it. Hang the feeders outside for the birds to enjoy.

Glitter Pine Cones

Glitter pine cones are quick to make, and can be used as decorations in a number of different ways. Take some pine cones in a variety of different sizes and shapes. Either pour a thin layer of white glue on a protected surface and roll the pine cone over it, or take the cone and simply--and quickly--dot the tips of each leaf. Sprinkle on as much or as little glitter as you like. Use glitter pine cones as Christmas tree ornaments, additions to wreaths, or as accent pieces to an fall or winter centerpiece.


A pine cone that's been laid on its side already has the look of a turkey, and it doesn't take much to make a Thanksgiving decoration from it. Take some construction paper, and cut out a handful of feather-shaped pieces. Glue these onto the flat end of the pine cone to make the tail. Cut out another piece to be the turkey's head, and glue that onto the narrow top end. These can also be used as markers at the dinner table; simply write the guest's name on one of the tail feathers and set it in front of the place setting.

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