Easy Craft & Woodworking Projects

A garden is more than plants and flowers. It is an outdoor living space that reflects the personality and style of the gardener. Put your personality in the garden with homemade craft and woodworking projects that even beginners can complete in a relatively short time.

Bird Table

Make the bird table with a jigsaw and a sander. The design is an open bird house with a large platform with a back, three sides and a peaked roof. The unit is 8 inches tall and the table is 11 inches long. Put food scraps on the table and the birds can enjoy them under the cover of the roof. Make the project of pine and nail it to a tree trunk.

Simple Planter Box

The simple planter box is recommended for novice wood-workers. The only material is 2-by-4-inch boards nailed together with galvanized nails. The box is a square with the four sides and the bottom the same size and the top a little wider to make it easy to lift off. You can use any wood as long as it is made for outdoor use. Tools you need are a circular saw, hammer and drill.

Stepping Stone

Make your own personalized garden stepping stones out of cement using an old cake pan or shallow bowl as a mold and patio paint, a piece of screening material, craft glue and cooking spray. Spray the pan with the cooking spray, fill part way with the cement, put in the screening and fill the rest of the way. When it is done, you have a stone ready to decorate. Make enough of the stones to create a path through the garden. It takes longer for the cement to dry than it takes to make the stones.

Flower Pot Wind Chimes

Take five clay flower pots, wooden beads, lids from plastic salad containers, plastic curtain rings, stained glass paints and twine and come up with a set of wind chimes. Tools you need are a drill, paintbrush and a pair of scissors. String the cord through the drainage hole and the beads become the clapper. Different size pots will produce different tones. The whole project should take no more than one or two hours.

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