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A luxurious alternative to a standard fiberglass bathtub, the garden tub has a place in world history. In ancient France, the tubs were placed in large gardens of wealthy people, and in Britain they were installed in "garden rooms" that overlooked lavish garden environments. As of 2010, however, the term garden tub is used loosely to describe any deep, wide bathtub. Decorating a garden tub allows you to take advantage of the large corner spaces of the structure, making your tub a functioning addition to your bathroom decor.

Step 1

Place the plastic toiletry basket in one corner of the tub. Choose the corner near the faucet against the wall side of the tub, leaving the outer corner bare.

Step 2

Place the pillar candle on the outer corner, opposite the toiletry basket. For safety, a battery-powered candle can be used to create decorative ambiance.

Step 3

Install the shower rod. Make sure to use a bumper-ended shower rod that is spring-loaded. These shower rods fit into a wall-built garden tub area without the need for tools.

Step 4

Measure the distance from the shower rod to the floor. Double this amount and cut a length of sheer material to suit this measurement.

Step 5

Hem all of the edges of the sheer material by 1/4 inch using the fabric glue. Choose a colored sheer that fits the color scheme of your bathroom.

Step 6

Pull the fabric's ends together evenly, then pull the looped end through the underside of the shower rod, and drape it over the front by about a foot.

Step 7

Pull each end of the material up from the underside of the shower rod, and drape them over each end of the rod by at least 2 to 3 feet.This creates a classy and feminine look to frame and decorate your garden tub.

Things You'll Need

  • Plastic toiletry basket (medium size)
  • Pillar candle
  • Tape measure
  • Decorative curtain rod (with end bumpers)
  • Roll of sheer fabric
  • Scissors
  • Fabric glue
  • Bath rug


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