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Florida is known for its plentiful orange groves that provide much of the U.S. with fresh oranges and orange juice. Florida residents also enjoy fresh oranges and juice--from their own orange trees growing in their landscape. If you live an all-year-long warm climate, usually USDA plant hardiness zones 9 to 11, or if you want to grow a Florida orange tee in a container and bring it indoors during cold weather, then you can order a one of many varieties available online for purchase.

Step 1

Choose a cultivar based on when they are ready to harvest. For example, the Hamlin variety is juicy with few seeds and are harvested between October and January. The Valencia variety is also juicy but yields a harvest from March through July. If you want oranges in the fall and early winter, order the Pineapple" variety.

Step 2

Purchase a dwarf orange tree if you want to grow your orange tree in a container. Also, if you live in USDA Plant Hardiness zone 8 or cooler, you can bring them indoors during the winter months. Many dwarf varieties are available to order, such as the Dwarf Campbell orange tree, a variety of the Valencia orange.

Step 3

Pick an orange tree that will grow well in your soil conditions. Most oranges are grown on what is called a "sour orange" rootstock (Citrus aurantium) and they grow well in most soil conditions, including in soil that is sandy, clay, salty and high in limestone. There are other rootstocks as well, such as the Poncirus trifoliata rootstock, which do not grow well in sandy soils, but rather in clay soils, provided the pH levels are below 7.0. Always read the soil requirements before ordering your Florida orange tree.

Step 4

Decide on how many to Florida orange trees to buy. Most Florida orange trees need a 25-square-foot space in which to grow, but dwarf varieties need less space and can even be grown in a container. Purchase different cultivars that are harvested at different times to enjoy fresh Florida oranges for a longer period of time.

Step 5

Order Florida orange trees online through a reputable nursery. If desired, look into whether the different nurseries have a warranty or guarantee with their orange trees. Also check to see which nurseries are affiliated with the Better Business Bureau--and check their status--before choosing what nursery from which order.


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