How to Make Centerpieces Out of Branches


Using branches to make a centerpiece is an inexpensive, uncomplicated way to make a dramatic statement. Branches are also versatile. Use a spring-flowering tree branch to make a lovely, romantic centerpiece, or use the bare, twisting branches of the willow tree to create a modern design perfect for a formal event, place of business or living space. You can even add special touches to create a seasonal look. Adding white lights to the branches, for example, evokes the feeling of a winter holiday, while nestling a miniature pumpkin in the crook of a branch is the perfect touch for an autumn centerpiece.

Step 1

Collect the branches of your choice. Wipe or shake off any insects, spiders or plant debris, such as dead blossoms. If you want a clean, bare look, strip off the bark.

Step 2

Cut the branches at least a half-inch shorter than the height of your container. This will ensure that they branches are not too big and heavy to upset your vase.

Step 3

Place attractive, colorful pebbles or marbles in your container to support the branches, if the container is see-through. If not, you can use floral foam. Fill the container as full as you desire, or full enough to firmly support the branches. Add water if the branches are flowering, as this may help the blooms last longer.

Step 4

Strip the foliage or blossoms from the bottom portion of the branches that will be inserted into the floral foam, pebbles or marbles. Insert the branches into the container and arrange to your satisfaction.

Step 5

Turn branches so that they are arching outward rather than inward, and make sure there are equal amounts of branches on all sides of the container. Use branches of different heights and shapes for a fuller centerpiece.

Step 6

Decorate your branches, if you so desire. Add ribbons, lights or even hanging votive candles. You can also tie a matching ribbon around the vase or container.

Things You'll Need

  • Branches
  • Clippers
  • Container
  • Pebbles, marbles or floral foam
  • Decorative accessories of your choice
  • Spray paint (optional)


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