Strawberry Plants for Hanging Baskets: The Best Varieties

The best strawberry plants for hanging baskets are varieties from the day-neutral category. Day neutrals yield strawberry fruit from early spring until first frost. The presence of runners (creeping leafy stems) can overwhelm a container; day neutrals produce very few runners, making them ideal for hanging baskets. The occasional runner that may appear can easily be removed from the basket.


Tristar is a variety of day-neutral strawberries. These strawberries are ideal for hanging baskets. Tristar is a vigorous plant that produces very small- to medium-sized, vivid red strawberries with bright red flesh. This strawberry variety yields low crop sizes with firm, excellent-flavored berries.


Tribute is a strawberry plant variety well-suited for growth in hanging baskets that produces vigorous plants with medium-sized strawberries. The fruit's skin is a glossy vibrant red with vivid red flesh. With a low harvest yield, tribute strawberries provide very good flavor.


Selva strawberries are moderately vigorous plants with large strawberries. The berries display light red, shiny skin with pale flesh. Producing medium to high crop yield, this strawberry variety is known for its good firmness level. Selva strawberries are mild in flavor.


Seascape strawberry plants are adaptable to the home environment for use in hanging baskets. Seascape plants are moderately vigorous and produce large berries. The berries display a vivid red skin with pale flesh. With a low to medium yield at harvest, seascape strawberries are firm and produce a good flavor. Seascapes are the highest-quality strawberry fruit produced within the day-neutral category.

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