How to Buy Mature Red Maple Trees


Red maple trees are excellent trees to add to your landscape. Providing your lawn or garden with vivid colors of red, orange and yellow throughout the year, red maple trees are easy to grow because they are tolerant to most soil types. Red maple trees grow best in full sun conditions and can reach a height of 40 to 60 feet. When purchasing, there are some characteristics to look for to make sure you are getting a healthy, mature red maple tree.

Step 1

Inspect your lawn and/or garden to see how many red maple trees will be able to grow in the area. Red maple trees should be planted away from sun-loving plants, power lines and other obstacles. Plant the trees 30 to 50 feet apart, since they can grow to have a spread of 40 feet.

Step 2

Visit your local garden specialty store or plant nursery to find mature red maple trees.

Step 3

Pick out red maple trees that have several branches covered in shiny, thick leaves. Do not purchase trees that have bruised or broken branches, or that only have five to 10 leaves. You need healthy trees that will be able to survive until they take root in their new home. A professional at the store will be able to help you select the trees that are best for you.


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