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Gardening tools are essential when it comes to caring for your garden. These tools allow you to place plants in your garden, and to care for them as well. You can obtain endless types of gardening tools, if you have the money because there are all kinds of specialty tools. However, some helpful gardening tools are more vital than others.


A shovel is an indispensable and basic gardening tool to own. Shovels can dig, lift, throw and move dirt and other materials around your garden. You can use a round point shovels to do a number of gardening tasks, which makes it the most used and most helpful gardening tool nearly all gardeners possess. A round point shovel cuts into the dirt and provides a rim on the top of the blade for your foot to apply pressure to when digging holes in your garden. Square point shovels work well for transporting materials in your garden.


Gardening hoes come in a variety of forms and are used to break up the soil in your garden, dig troughs and clear weeds from the area. The standard hoe is square- or rectangular-shaped and helpful in scraping and chopping to prepare the soil for planting, or to remove weeds around newly planted plants. Other hoes include specialty hoes such as V-shaped hoes for creating troughs for planting, two-sided hoes with one side flat and the other with pointed tips for grabbing the roots of weeds, and pivot-action hoes that move backward and forward under the ground to cut the weeds.


Rakes are handy gardening tools, used for a variety of gardening jobs. Rakes come in several sizes and forms. Leaf rakes are lightweight and feature long, narrow, flexible tines you can use for gathering light materials like grass and leaves. Garden rakes, such as bow or flat rakes, are strong rakes that feature short, firm tines connected to a bow- or flat-shaped frame made from metal. These helpful garden tools allow you to gather and remove heavy materials, like stones and other debris from your garden. These rakes also can work the soil or smooth it out, preparing it for planting.

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