How to Care for Strawberry Grass


Some consider strawberry grass, or "mock strawberry," an invasive weed and eradicate it wherever they find it on their property. Others consider strawberry grass a delight to have around. True, it may grow aggressively, but this can be controlled by careful monitoring. And strawberry grass is one of the most aesthetically pleasing ground covers available. It creates a beautiful, thick carpet of lush green leaves, small white or yellow flowers and bright red strawberries. And because it grows like a weed, its easy to care for. What's not to like?

Step 1

Water your strawberry grass once weekly with one inch of water. If it was already growing on your property unattended, it can likely survive without supplemental watering. But this boost of moisture will allow your strawberry grass to fruit and flower to its potential.

Step 2

Prune away any dead or diseased plant material as you find it. Use a pair of sharp pruning shears and cut the affected foliage back to its point of origin. Also prune any runners (long stems that extend from the edge of the planting area) before they root to keep the strawberry plant from spreading.

Step 3

Keep your strawberry grass' border well-defined. Use a flat-edged, sharp shovel to cut away any strawberry grass that is severely overgrown. Place the tip of the shovel where you want your strawberry grass patch to end. Then push it into the soil 2 to 3 inches deep to sever the roots of the undesirable plants. Once the border is clearly marked, uproot the outlying plants with your trowel. Be sure to remove all of the roots beneath those plants or they may re-sprout.


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