How to Get Blackbirds Away From a Birdfeeder


Watching small birds like finches and chickadees is an enjoyable experience for many bird lovers. Setting up a birdfeeder or two around your yard and garden can increase the amount of birds in your landscape. On the other hand, most people do not wish to increase their blackbird population and want to save their bird food for the cuter, smaller birds. Fortunately, some precautions can be taken to get the blackbirds away from a bird feeder; however, note that you may also discourage other larger birds, such as blue jays and cardinals, away from your feeder as well.

Step 1

Purchase a birdfeeder made to keep squirrels and large birds from feeding, such as birdfeeders with small perches or perches that collapse from heavy birds like blackbirds. Alternatively, buy a birdfeeder with a cage wrapped around it to keep the squirrels and big birds from reaching the bird food.

Step 2

Modify your birdfeeder so that it is not blackbird friendly. Shorten the perches by sawing ¼ of an inch off at a time until the blackbirds are unable to sit on the perch. You can also install your own cage around your birdfeeder. Use chicken wire and wrap it around the birdfeeder and tie the ends with flexible wire.

Step 3

Fill the feeder with food that blackbirds do not prefer, such as safflower seeds. Do not fill with cracked corn or sunflowers, which are blackbird favorites.

Step 4

Stop filling the bottom tray of a birdfeeder where any bird can reach. Only put food inside the birdfeeder where birds have to sit on a perch to reach the food.

Step 5

Clean up the ground and forgo filling your feeder for about a week. This will give the blackbirds a chance to find alternative sources of food rather than finding a way around your birdfeeder.

Things You'll Need

  • Saw
  • Cage
  • Flexible wire
  • Safflower seeds


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