How to Use Victor Mole Traps


Moles are small burrowing mammals that dig through the ground in search of earthworms, insects and other prey. In the process, they can ruin a lawn or other landscaping and may need extermination to protect property from their detrimental effects. Victor mole traps come in two types. The first is the Out O'Sight trap, which fits into a mole burrow and uses metal jaws to catch a mole. The other is a plunger style mole trap, which penetrates soft earth with sharp spikes to kill the mole. Each trap sets differently.

Out O'Sight Trap

Step 1

Position the trap with the jaws facing down. Place the hooks of the setting levers on top of the spring assembly on either side of the trap.

Step 2

Pull the setting levers together with some force to open the jaws of the trap. Hold the jaws open by the setting levers with one hand. Position the locking bar on the trigger pan with your free hand. Set the safety hook and remove the setting levers.

Step 3

Locate a fresh mole tunnel and dig a hole into the tunnel. Place the trap in the cleared hole. Align the open jaws with the path of the mole tunnels. Backfill the hole with loose soil.

Step 4

Release the safety lock to arm the trap. When the mole tries to dig the tunnel out again, the trap will be sprung.

Plunger-Style Mole Trap

Step 1

Locate an active mole tunnel. Press the earth down over a spot along the tunnel to make a depression in the tunnel.

Step 2

Position the trap over the depression and push the trap down so that the spikes completely enter the ground. Plunge the spikes up and down to ensure they will penetrate properly.

Step 3

Ensure the firing latch is outside the trigger pan. Hold the trap steady and pull the handle upward sharply until the firing latch snaps over the trigger pan and latches in place. The trap is set.


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