Echo SRM-231 String Trimmer Instructions


Echo is a leading maker of gas-powered string trimmers for both the professional and the consumer market, according to Consumer Reports. The SRM-231 model features a catalytic muffler to control exhaust noise and emissions, and a shoulder harness to minimize operator fatigue. Echo equips its trimmers with simple controls, and once the trimmer is engaged, all you have to do is move it in a simple back and forth motion.

Step 1

Push the stop button forward away from the "STOP" position. Move the choke lever to "Cold Start." Pump the primer bulb until fuel flows visibly through the clear fuel line; continue to pump the bulb four or five more times. Move the trimmer to a flat surface and pull the recoil starter until the engine starts. Move the choke lever to the "Open - Run" position. Restart the engine and let it idle for a few minutes to warm up.

Step 2

Place the Echo trimmer's harness over your shoulder and extending to the opposite hip.

Step 3

Tilt the trimmer toward the area you want to trim while gripping the trimmer tightly with both hands. Keeping the trimmer away from your body, move the trimmer right to left and focus the string's tip on the area being trimmed.

Step 4

Release the throttle to stop the trimmer. Let the engine idle for a minute before switching the stop switch backwards to the "STOP" position.


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