How to Choose Flowers for Summer


Chose your summer garden plants wisely. They can provide a brilliant backdrop for your home and frame it with color. A well-landscaped yard adds curb appeal to your house and makes it inviting to family and friends. With careful planning you can have a vibrant atmosphere for your home that adds to its charm. Home landscaping and floral gardens can be done on large lots or in small window planting boxes. Regardless of the space you have available, flowers add beauty and grace to any surrounding.

Step 1

Put it on paper first so you know what your garden will look like when developed. It is more cost effective to design your layout first on paper rather than making it up as you plant.

Step 2

Choose flowers that complement your home or provide a visual contrast for an area you wish to highlight.

Step 3

Select groups of flowers that will compensate for each other should one of the flower types fail to bloom.

Step 4

Pay attention to the various areas you wish to landscape with flowers. Buy plants that fit the available amounts of sun or shade appropriately.

Step 5

Pick and arrange flowers in groups so that each season continues to have blooms. Each area should have plants that bloom in spring, summer and fall.

Step 6

Choose perennials whenever possible. Perennials let you enjoy beautiful garden areas year after year without replanting. Annual plants only bloom the year you plant them and must be replanted each year.

Step 7

Plant some flowers specifically for cutting. These can be either perennial or annual. Choose these plants in varieties and colors that will best accentuate your home. Other options to consider when planting cutting flowers is the aroma you prefer. Even a hedge of lilacs can give the entire area a beautiful aroma.

Step 8

Add layers to your landscaping by planting flowers of various heights.

Step 9

Employ flowering bushes around the foundation of your home instead of evergreens. Shrubs come in many styles, colors and heights.


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