Lawn Decoration Ideas

If a vast expanse of green grass seems boring and monotonous--whatever size your yard is--express your individual style by decorating your lawn. For the biggest impact, choose one or two items and feature them prominently, rather than scattering many smaller pieces throughout the lawn.


Make a big statement when decorating your lawn by installing a lawn sculpture made of either stone or metal. It can be a purely abstract piece, a piece that is an abstract interpretation of a botanical or natural object or a literal realistic rendition of an item from nature, such as an oversize metal sculpture of a flower used as a lawn ornament.


The sound of trickling water brings a feeling of tranquility to a yard and is also effective visually for decoration. Place a large fountain as a centerpiece in a lawn. Whether your yard is large or small, a fountain alone is often all the decoration a lawn needs to look complete and polished.


Depending on your personal preference, your lawn can be host to classical or whimsical statuary as its primary decoration. For a classical look, feature statues of the ancient gods of Greece and Rome, clad in draped fabric. A trio of cherubs holding up a small fountain or bird bath is an example of classical statuary. For a touch of whimsy, feature nonrealistic figurines or statues of woodland animals, fairies, pollinating birds and insects such as bees, dragonflies and butterflies.


Painted plywood cutouts add a touch of whimsy to the lawn. Most often seen is a cutout showing the backside of an ample female bending over, ostensibly to pull a weed. As she bends over her polka dot "bloomers" are exposed. Other plywood cutouts include a small boy "urinating" on the lawn or various woodland animals. Holiday-specific versions, such as jack-o-lanterns, Santa Claus, or spring baby animals are used in their appropriate season.

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