Ideas for Harvest Table Settings

Harvest time brings to mind an abundance of vegetables, apples and pears. The leaves are beginning to change as the air turns crisp. It's time to say goodbye to summer and hello to fall. Reflect the season's change in your centerpieces and table top décor with colors of golds, reds, rusts, burgundies and purples.

Carrot Vase

Fasten carrots with rubber bands around a vase so the vase is hidden. The tops of the carrots should point up and the roots pointed down. Cover the rubber band with raffia and tie a bow. Set the carrot-covered vase in a shallow glass bowl filled with water to cover the ends of the roots. Place red roses, yellow carnations and gold mums in the bowl so they surround the carrots. Fill the vase with more roses, carnations and mums. Add a pop of purple to the flowers in the vase by including asters or annual statice. Cut the carrots in half lengthwise. Press the cut surface against a straight-side vase. Put another vase inside the first vase and fill it with flowers. Put 1 inch of water in the outer vase to keep the carrots fresh.

Apple Tower

Apples say fall. Select a shallow bowl. Rinse the apples off and polish gently with a soft cloth until they're glossy. Select red, green and yellow apples all about the same size. Cut toothpicks in half. Stick one half into the sides of seven apples. Place one apple in the middle of the bowl and stick the toothpicks of the other apples into that center apple. That's your first layer. Make three more layers that gradually get smaller and top with a final apple. Fill the gaps between the first layer of apples and the bowl with fall leaves. Push a few fall leaves in between the apples in the tower. Surround the apple tower with nuts in their shells resting on more fall leaves.

Pear Vases

These won't last more than a day but they're so unusual they're worth the effort. Select red pears that stand up straight by themselves when set on the table. Cut the tops off and hollow out a small space to place flowers, using a spoon. The indentation doesn't have to more than 1 inch deep. Fill the indentation with water. Place three to five flowers, with their stems no more than 1 inch long, in each pear. Set a pear at each place setting on three fall leaves. Group five pears in the middle of the table for the centerpiece set on fall leaves. Group two sets of three pears and put them halfway between the ends of the table and the middle centerpiece.

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