Fall Harvest Table Top Ideas

Pumpkins, pumpkins and more pumpkins--big round pumpkins, white pumpkins and mini pumpkins: You know fall harvest is here when you see the pumpkins. Most of the pumpkins at the grocery store are not edible, with the exception of mid-sized pumpkins labeled "pie" or "sugar." Don't be concerned that you're wasting food by using the other types of pumpkins for table-top centerpieces.

Pumpkins Full of Flowers

Hollow out a medium-size pumpkin. Take a small slice off the bottom so the pumpkin doesn't wobble. Fill with fall flowers, such as sunflowers, chrysanthemums and asters. Add a few inches of water inside the pumpkin. This arrangement will only last a day or so. If you want it to last longer, put a waterproof container inside the pumpkin and put the flowers in that. Hollow out three smaller pumpkins, fill with flowers and set them on a runner covered with fall leaves running down the middle of the table. Add gourds to the runner in between the pumpkins. Hollow out two pumpkins--a large one and a smaller one. Place an inverted glass that's four inches taller than the large pumpkin inside the pumpkin. Set the smaller pumpkin on the glass. Use floral clay on top of the glass to secure the bottom of the pumpkin. Fill both pumpkins with flowers. If the table is large, fill two more pumpkins with flowers and set them on either side of the double pumpkins.


Hollow out a pumpkin that is tall and narrow, rather than fat and wide. Cover a large platter with kale leaves. Lay the pumpkin on its side on the platter, on top of the kale leaves. Cut a thin slice off the side so the pumpkin doesn't roll. Arrange bunches of baby carrots with their tops still on, bunches of radishes with their leaves attached and bunches of baby beets with their leaves around the pumpkin. Don't block the pumpkin's opening. Fill the opening loosely with kale leaves. Insert wooden skewers into cauliflower and broccoli florets, and baby Yukon gold and purple fingerling potatoes. Arrange the vegetables among the kale. Push the skewers into the flesh of the pumpkin to hold them in place if necessary.

Pyramid of Mini Pumpkins

Hot-glue mini pumpkins to each other to form a ring that's about 12 inches in diameter. Hot-glue three more rings, each smaller than the last. Set the rings on top of one another on a platter to form a pyramid shape. Secure with dabs of hot glue. Set one mini pumpkin at the top of the ring. Insert stems of wheat in the gaps between the pumpkins. Surround the bottom ring with red roses set in votive candle holders filled with water. Poke stems of wheat in between the candle holders.

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