The Best Trellis Plants

Climbing plants are plants that tend to grow upwards and work really well on trellises. They are classified as vines and their stems are not strong enough to bear the weight of the plant. Instead they send out shoots that grab onto surfaces in order to reach up toward the sun.


Moonflower (lpomoea alba) is closely related to the morning glory. It is a nightly blooming vine that has large white blossoms that close in the morning. The plant grows very quickly and can grow over 30 feet tall. The vines coil and attach well to trellises as they grow upwards. The moonflower needs at least six hours of bright sunlight a day and well-drained soil. The seeds can be started inside and transplanted outside when the temperatures remain above 65 degrees Fahrenheit.


Clematis flowers (Clematis caracasana) are a member of the buttercup family. They are a perennial, woody, climbing vine. Clematis plants prefer cooler temperatures and they bloom in late fall and early summer. They are harder to grow than other climbing vines, but they just need a little more attention. They need cool, moist, well-drained soils that are high in phosphorous. Compost or manure can be added to the base of the plant so that it gets the nutrition that it needs. The vines often need to be secured by twine to the trellis as it begins to grow. The stems are fragile until they are a few years old.

Morning Glory

Morning glories (Ipomoea nil) are a family of high-climbing perennial vines. The flowers only last a single day but a typical morning glory plant can have approximately 300 blooms a day. The plants can grow over 30 feet tall and prefer full sunlight and dry soils. They are frequently called bindweeds because they can become invasive and twine themselves through other vegetation. Morning glories are abundant in the United States and Asia.


Bougainvillea (Bougainvillea spectabilis) is a perennial, flowering plant that is native to South America. It is a thorny, woody vine that can grow up to 36 feet tall. It spreads very quickly, which makes it an excellent plant for trellises. The leaves are 5 inches long and 2 inches wide. The flowers bloom throughout the summer in various colors of pink, purple, white, magenta, red, orange or yellow. They are easy to grow and prefer full sunlight and moist soil. They can tolerate drought conditions.

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