The Different Types of Flowers for Weddings

While the bride and groom are the centerpiece of any wedding, the flowers are one of the most important decorative aspects. Flowers set the tone of the wedding, whether traditional and elegant, simple and classic or bold and modern. Most types of flowers for weddings can be used dried, fresh or purchased as silk flowers.


Stephanotis are small, white, tube-shaped flowers that are often used as fillers or in corsages for the mothers or boutonnieres for the groomsmen. These flowers are desirable for their strong, pleasing fragrance. They also traditionally stand for "happiness in marriage," according to the Flower Arrangement Advisor website.


Roses are the classically romantic flower. Beautiful and fragrant, they work equally well for formal and informal weddings. These flowers also come in a wide variety of shapes, colors and sizes, from small buds to large, elaborately ruffled, multicolored blooms. Roses are in season year-round and carry the meaning of love, joy and happiness, according to the Massachusetts Florist Association's Wedding Guide.


Hydrangeas are one of the few true blue flowers. The pale blue color of the blooms is perfect for weddings that feature the color blue. Hydrangeas are incredibly showy--their huge clusters of small flowers are so large that you might need only two or three of them to fill out a bridal bouquet. These flowers mean "gratefulness." Hydrangeas are very thirsty flowers, however, so they are best used in bouquets or attached to a small vial of water.

Calla Lilies

Callas have an elegant form that is perfect for formal, upscale weddings. They are often chosen by brides who are planning a sophisticated affair, according to the Wedding Flowers Guide website. The flowers come in many shades, including creamy white and an almost black variety. Calla lilies mean "magnificent beauty."


Peonies are a fragrant, old-fashioned choice perfect for a young lady's wedding or for a traditional, formal or lavish wedding. They come in many shades and colors, including pink, ivory and red. These flowers are large, round and heavily ruffled. Peonies impart a romantic feel to any wedding and carry the meanings of "good fortune" and "happy marriage."

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