How to Correct Brown Spots on a Lawn


Keeping your lawn a healthy luscious green is usually a priority. It can be frustrating if you begin to discover brown patches in your lawn. There are four main reasons a lawn begins to suffer from brown patches: brown patch disease, white grubs, over-fertilization or an abundance of dog urine. Once you discover the cause of the brown patches, you will be able to treat the brown patches and restore your lawn to good health.

Step 1

Use a garden hose to rinse the brown patches down. If you recently applied fertilizer or you have a dog then you will want to try this first. Too much fertilizer and too much dog urine can burn a lawn, which results in brown patches. Diluting the fertilizer or urine with water from your garden hose will help stop the burn so the grass can grow healthy again.

Step 2

Dig up a small patch of the brown spot to see if you have any white grubs. White grubs love to eat the roots of the grass in your lawn. If you do have white grubs, you will need to add some nematodes to the soil. Nematodes are natural predators of the white grub, and they are safe to use around humans and pets. You can purchase them at most garden centers.

Step 3

Look to see if the brown patches are slowly growing larger. If they are, you probably have brown patch disease. This is treated with a fungicide that contains the ingredient benomyl. You will need to follow all of the directions on the fungicide label when you are ready to apply it.

Step 4

Wait a week to see if your grass is going to grow back on its own once you correct the cause of the brown patches. If it doesn't, just add some grass seed to the areas of your lawn that have brown patches and new grass will begin to grow.

Things You'll Need

  • Garden hose Nematodes Fungicide Grass seed


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