Uses for a Garden Hose

When moving from an apartment to a house, one item on the mover’s shopping list is typically a garden hose. While some apartment dwellers might already own a garden hose, it is a standard accessory for a house, even one without an actual garden. If you do not live in a house or have a garden, there are many uses for a garden hose, beyond the obvious.

Transporting Water

Transporting water from the water spigot to another location is the obvious use for a garden hose. This is helpful when washing the car, rinsing off the driveway or watering plants in the yard. It is also a way to add a drinking fountain or another spigot to the property without a major plumbing project. Simply attach one end of the hose to the original spigot, and the opposite end of the hose to the supply end of a second faucet.

Water Play

While you may not have a swimming pool to cool off in during the hot summer months, a garden hose can provide hours of refreshing entertainment. Attach the hose to a sprinkler and let the kids cool off by running through the sprinklers on a hot summer afternoon. Not only will the hose help fill up the inflatable swimming pool, it can be attached to water play toys.

Pest Control

Use pieces of an old gardening hose to control pests in the garden. If birds are plundering your vegetable garden, cut the hose into pieces resembling the length of a snake. By strategically placing the pieces around the garden, birds may mistake a piece of hose for a snake and avoid the area. To trap earwigs, leave pieces of hose (between 8 and 10 inches long) in the shaded area of the garden. Check the pieces in the morning by shaking out the contents into soapy water to kill any trapped earwigs.

Recycling as a Covering

An old gardening hose makes an ideal covering for some surfaces. After slicing the length of a garden hose, use segments to slip over the teeth of sharp tools, such as handsaws, to avoid cuts while storing the tools. In a similar fashion, encase chain, such as chain used in swing sets, to avoid hands coming in contact with rusty old chain links.


A garden hose not only delivers water, it can be helpful when it is necessary to remove water, such as from a spa, pool or pond. When placed strategically in a body of water, a garden hose works as a siphon to remove unwanted water. This method also works in irrigation, using a garden hose to take water from the pond, instead of a water spigot, to water plants.

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