How to Make a Dried Fruit Wreath


Dried fruit wreaths are a pleasing blend of fragrances and colors. The wreaths have a country feel and bring art to a kitchen wall or a front door for an aromatic welcome for guests. Use your imagination. Choose the colors of the fruit and accents to match your color scheme and put your creative talent on display. Only you will know how simple they are to make.

Wire Wreath

Step 1

Drill a hole with a very fine bit through the center of the cinnamon sticks.

Step 2

Thread the items directly on 20-gauge wire by pushing the wire through the center. Start with five apple slices, one bead, one cinnamon stick, one bead, five orange slices, one bead, one cinnamon stick, one bead, five lemon slices and continue until the wire is not quite filled all the way, ending with a bead.

Step 3

Thread the end through the wire loop and bend it into a similar loop to create a tight closure. This is the top of the wreath. Gently reshape the wreath around a bowl.

Step 4

Make a raffia loop around the wire closure. The raffia loop is the hanger and it also conceals the join.

Grape Vine Wreath

Step 1

Take three to eight pieces of raffia, 30 inches long, and make a bow.

Step 2

Lay the moss, fruit and bow on a preformed grapevine wreath. With a heart-shaped wreath, go about three-quarters of the way up each side from the bottom point. On a round wreath, go all the way around. Place the bow on the part of the heart wreath where the two ends come together and where you want the top to be on the round wreath.

Step 3

Glue the moss to the wreath and glue the fruit slices on top of the moss. Plan carefully, as once you've glued the pieces, they're impossible to remove.

Step 4

Use a piece of wire to make a hanger and thread it through the back of the wreath.

Tips and Warnings

  • Glue guns get very hot. Children should never be allowed to use them. Follow the directions carefully and be careful not to get any on your skin.

Things You'll Need

  • Drill Cinnamon sticks 20-gauge craft or floral wire Dried apple and/or orange slices Dried grapefruit, lemon or lime slices Wood beads Needle nose pliers Raffia Heart-shaped or circle grape vine wreath made with the small, thin part of the vine. Spanish moss Artificial berries Hot glue gun


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