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Grapevine wreaths add a bit of country charm to any home. These versatile wreaths serve as a base for a variety of holiday and seasonal wreaths. Changing the décor of a wreath is as simple as adding or removing ribbons or other decorative items on the wreath. Making several grapevine wreaths in advance makes holiday decorating quick and easy, and such preparations make for easy last-minute gifts. Simply wrapping the wreath with colorful ribbons creates an inviting wreath.

Step 1

Gather and prepare grapevines from your yard. Young vines with fresh growth are preferable because they are pliable and easy to handle. Old dried vines are brittle and may break or snap. Remove leaves and cut into 3- to 10-foot sections based on personal preference. Shorter vines are typically easier to work with, but some prefer longer vines.

Step 2

Coil a length of grapevine into a circle, beginning with the thickest end of the vine. Make the circle slightly smaller than the desired size of the finished product. Coil several rounds of vines to create the base of your wreath. Begin to weave the end of the vine in and out around the coil. Tuck the end of the vine between two layers of vines to secure.

Step 3

Weave additional vines following the in and out pattern until you reach the desired size and shape of the wreath. Begin each vine at a new location tucking the thickest end between previous coils to secure them.

Step 4

Add a wire or ribbon loop to the back for hanging. Decorate as desired with ribbons and other seasonal items, such as Christmas or holiday ornaments, dried or silk flowers or colored foliage for fall wreaths.

Things You'll Need

  • Grapevines Sharp knife Ribbon/wire Scissors Decorative items


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