How to Make a Christmas Wreath Ribbon


When making Christmas wreaths, nothing is quite as frustrating as discovering that you don’t have the right bow for the wreath. Directions for making your own bows typically involve looping, twisting, tying and fluffing. That’s great for those crafty gurus that can make a tin can look inviting, but the average person may struggle with the concept of pinching and twisting while looping with the other hand. There is a foolproof way, however, to make a respectable bow that requires no crafting or designing skills.

Step 1

Place the piece of craft foam on the table in front of you. This is the base for your bow maker.

Step 2

Cut two sections of the dowel to a length of 4 to 6 inches. Dowels should be the same length. Sand lightly to remove rough edges.

Step 3

Insert the dowels into the foam spaced 4 to 6 inches apart. The distance between the dowels equals the width of the bow. Adjust the distance for the desired size.

Step 4

Cut a 4- to 5-foot section of the desired ribbon. This amount makes a 4- to 6-inch double bow for a 12-inch wreath. If you desire a larger bow, adjust the ribbon accordingly.

Step 5

Measure the length you desire for the tails of the ribbon. These will hang down from the bottom of the bow. For a typical 12-inch wreath, a 12-inch tail is sufficient. Larger wreaths may require a longer tail. If you are unsure, hold a section of ribbon against your wreath to determine the appropriate length.

Step 6

Hold the ribbon so the tail hangs free and begin wrapping around the outside of the two dowels. Repeat to create two full loops around the dowels. This makes a double bow. For a single bow, wrap the ribbon around the dowel once. You should have a length of ribbon extending for the tail, opposite the dowel with the beginning tail.

Step 7

Grasp the looped ribbon in the center between the two dowels. Tie with a 6-inch section of ribbon or use wreath wire to secure the ribbon.

Step 8

Slip the ribbons off the dowel. Pull the loops and fluff to make a bow. Trim the remaining tail to match the first. Cut the bottom of the ribbon tails on an angle.

Step 9

Attach to your wreath with the ribbon or wire used to tie the bow.

Things You'll Need

  • Craft foam, 2 by 8 inches Wooden dowel, 1/4- to 1/2-inch diameter Hand saw Sandpaper Ribbon, 2 inches wide Wreath wire Scissors


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