Twig Wreath Instructions


Twigs are free for the taking and can be found in all sizes. Twigs are also available for sale at craft stores. Add a few other items, mix them together in artful fashion and the outcome can be a country-themed wreath you will be proud to display.

Simple Twig Wreath

Step 1

Bend the hanger or form the craft wire into a circle. Bend the hook part of the hanger downward and form it into an oval shape to make the hanger for the wreath.

Step 2

Cut the floral wire into 6-inch long pieces. Trim thin twigs to about 5 inches long. Make them into small bundles by twisting a piece of the floral wire around one end of each bunch.

Step 3

Lay one of the bunches down on the wire so the branches follow the circle and tie it to the coat hanger with floral wire. Take the next one and place it so the bunch covers the wire end of the first one and comes to the middle of the first one. Continue like this until the coat hanger is covered in bundles.

Step 4

Glue on berries, small pine cones, dried herbs or flowers or other decorations.

Snowflake Twig Wreath

Step 1

Take one large stick and two small sticks. Put the two small sticks at both ends, one on each side forming a "V." It will look like a chicken’s foot. Hot glue them in place and repeat with all of the remaining sticks. Reinforce with wire, wrapping it in a figure "8" through the branches once the glue is dry. Trim the ends so they are even.

Step 2

Lay two of the sticks in an "X" and the third on straight across the middle to form a snowflake pattern. Glue the wreath on top of the snowflake. The ends of the sticks should just be sticking out beyond the ends of the wreath. Let dry.

Step 3

Spray paint white and let dry.

Step 4

Spray small areas of the wreath with spray adhesive and sprinkle on the glitter. Let dry.

Step 5

Attach beads, sequins and other embellishments with the craft wire.

Things You'll Need

  • Wire hanger or 20 gauge craft wire Floral wire Twigs Berries Dried flowers Pine cones Craft glue 8-inch round grapevine wreath 3 twigs (14 inches long and 1/4 inch to ½ inch thick) 12 twigs (4 inches long and 1/4 inch to ½ inch thick) Hot glue Glue gun Assorted white and clear beads Large white and clear sequins White craft wire White spray paint Silver or gold spray glitter Clear snow-type large flake glitter Spray adhesive Scissors Pruning shears or small craft saw


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