How to Prune Jasminum Nudiflorum


Jasminum nudiflorum, better known as winter jasmine, is a shrublike plant that grows as a shrub or, due to its trailing nature, is trained up a trellis, wall or similar structure. It has glossy green oblong leaves and yellow flowers that bloom early in the spring giving a hint that warm weather is on its way. It is a versatile plant that if given plenty of sun, grows well in most soil and even in moderate drought conditions. Prune Jasminun nudiflorum yearly to keep it tidy and growing well.

Step 1

Prune Jasminum nudiflorum after flowering in the spring or early summer. Flowers grow on the previous year’s growth so do not wait too long so the bush has time to grow new branches on which the next spring’s flowers will grow.

Step 2

Cut off branches at an angle and just above a bud. Use sharp, clean lopping shears or hand clippers.

Step 3

Trim about one-third of the bush off. Prune to shape, control growth and train it to grow where you want it to grow. Trim tall and old pieces of wood as well as thin out thick sections of the bush.

Step 4

Prune heavily to within 6 inches of the ground every three to five years to keep a Jasminum nudiflorum contained as a shrub. If you want it to continue to grow up a trellis or wall, do not prune heavily.

Things You'll Need

  • Lopping shears or hand clippers


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