Yard Cleanup Tools

Along with mowing and fertilizing, your yard will need the occasional cleanup, particularly when the leaves fall in autumn. Make the job easier by investing in a battery of tools specifically designed for cleaning up the yard, whether you're cleaning up organic or non-organic debris.


The most often-used cleanup tool in the yard, a lawn rake collects fallen leaves, twigs, grass clippings and other yard litter. The business end is fan-shaped and contains many flexible tines that grab debris and pull it into piles for easy pick-up. Available in a variety of sizes, the larger ones are ideal for general leaf raking and cleanup, and the smaller ones easily maneuver between shrubs or flowers in the perennial garden.

Leaf Blower

An electric or gas-powered leaf blower can take the place of a lawn rake. It uses air pressure to blow debris from the surface of the lawn into manageable piles for easy pick-up. Some models are hand-held and others are worn as a backpack.

Pooper Scooper Set

Even if you don't have a dog, a pooper scooper set can be useful for lawn cleanup. Usually a two-piece set consisting of a scoop and small rake or shovel, a pooper scooper set can be used to remove debris from the lawn without the need to bend over. It can be useful in picking up pine cones or other organic waste that is too large to remove effectively with a lawn rake.

Push Broom and Hose

Sidewalks are part of the yard and need an occasional cleanup. A push-type broom is ideal for this, as it pushes debris into a pile without causing the bulk of it to become airborne, like when sweeping back and forth with a traditional broom. A strong stream of water from a hose can remove deep-down dirt and debris from the sidewalk and also uproot small weeds in the sidewalk cracks.

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