Inexpensive Landscaping Ideas

Creating a vibrant and colorful landscape does not have to break your budget. In fact, there area many ways to incorporate a wide range of plant varieties to have the garden in color and for an extended period of time. Perennial plants come back every year to create a permanent garden where you don't spend a lot of money on short-term plants. Qualities like heat, humidity and drought tolerance help plants to survive in less than ideal environments and cut down on water bills.

Perennial Flowers

Perennial flowers need only a one-time planting to come back year after year for a long-lasting and inexpensive landscape. Each year, the flowers come back taller and fuller than the year before to create a constantly evolving garden and one that won't break the bank. To create a perennial garden, choose flowers that are native to your USDA hardiness zone to ensure a fully established flowerbed. Flowers that withstand heat, humidity and poor soils like purple coneflowers don't require a lot of water yet produce masses of vibrant blooms throughout the seasons, an ideal quality to reduce water bills. Hellebore, another perennial flower, naturalizes within the landscape to create masses of flowers but without any effort or expense.

Evergreen Shrubs

Evergreen shrubs bring height, texture and year-round color to the landscape. As an evergreen, they retain their foliage color throughout the year and are an ideal way to spruce up the landscape but without spending a lot of money on dozens of plants. When planted along a garden wall or nestled within a perennial flowerbed, evergreen shrubs draw your eye into the space and create a focal point to the landscape. Low-growing evergreen shrubs like Carissa holly grow in a wide range of soil varieties, ensuring a successful establishment within the garden. Their compact, rounded and dense form makes an ideal formal or informal shrub. Carissa holly is both drought and heat tolerant and thrives in full sun.

Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental grasses are ideal landscaping plants due to their vigorous growth, easy maintenance and unusual textures and forms. Grown in a wide range of sizes, ranging from short ornamentals like blue fescue that grows 6 to 10 inches long to giant Chinese silver grass that grows up to 14 feet tall, ornamental grasses tolerate a wide range of soil types and environments. Many ornamental grasses have a spreading nature to naturalize within the landscape. Japanese blood grass, a variety of ornamental grass, is a warm season grass with an upright, arching habit. It spreads at a rapid growth rate to have the landscape filled with texture and color but without overwhelming the space. Grown in masses along a border, its blood red leaves create a showy garden display.

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