How to Set Up a Rain Barrel Aluminum Garbage Can


Rain barrels have been used for a long time to capture the rain as it falls from the sky. The rain is then released as needed to water grass, flowers and even vegetables. The original rain barrels were made from wood, but you can use an aluminum garbage can if that is what you have on hand. It is important to learn how to set up the aluminum garbage can so that you catch as much of the rain as you can when it falls.

Step 1

Choose an aluminum garbage can that is capable of holding a large amount of rain water.

Step 2

Observe your gutters and down spouts during the next rain storm. This will allow you to locate the spots that have the largest amount of rain flow. This is where you want to set your aluminum garbage can.

Step 3

Place a screen over the top of your aluminum garbage can and cut a hole out of it that will fit the drain spout. Then slide the drain spout in to the hole you made so that the water can be collected in the aluminum trash can. The screen will help keep leaves and insects out of your rain water.

Step 4

Add a faucet. The faucet will give you access to the rain water when you need it. A 3/4-inch plastic faucet is a good choice. It is easy to install. Just drill a 3/4-inch hole and twist the plastic faucet into place.

Step 5

Drop Bacillus thuringiensis bacteria, Bt for short, in your homemade rain barrel once each month to keep mosquito populations in check.

Things You'll Need

  • Screen Power drill 3/4-inch plastic faucet Mosquito dunks


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  • Pennsylvania Horticultural Society: Build a Rain Barrel
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